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Create Your Own Foundation

Create Your Own Foundation


It’s easier than you think! If you’ve gotten to a place where you’ve decided to create your own foundation and fight for your cause, or the causes of others, abate the stress and let us help!

Maverick will oversee the process of each stage of the development of your foundation from start to finish and everything beyond that! We can start at the inception being by your side while you’re signing your 501C3 documents to producing your first fundraising Event.

We are a turn key model, making the process a smooth and manageable one. Our own skilled team will consult with you on each facet to give you the structure that's needed. When and if the time comes to hire an Executive Director and any full time Staff we will partake in the interviewing process to help you select the right team for your charity.

Maverick Will:

  • Manage an already vertical foundation and assess the next steps
  • Act as a consultant on specific areas of the charity for an extended period of time
  • Allocate the right law firm to put together and file the necessary paperwork
  • Help to create your mission statement and goals
  • Help to decide if you should be a “granting” organization or to fund directly to a cause of your choice
  • Work with a graphic designer to create your logo and put together all of your initial collateral
  • Work with a web designer to create and oversee your website
  • Educate you on the reasons for a payment gateway and help you choose the right vector for that purpose
  • Curate your Board and design your annual calendar to include events and cross promotional ventures all relegated to fundraising
  • Assist with creating sponsor decks for a global purpose or for specific Events and projects
  • Provide outreach for sponsorships


Dylan's Candy BarN was founded upon a fervent love of animals and a strong desire to help them. Created by Dylan Lauren, CEO & Founder of Dylan's Candy Bar, this granting foundation will align itself with animal welfare entities in need of awareness and funding.

The objectives of Dylan's Candy BarN will include finding animals homes; encouraging adoptions and eradicating the stigma that homeless animals don't make for good pets; aiding rescue efforts; ending cruelty to animals and saving them; educating people on the necessity of spaying and neutering animals and highlighting the importance of proper care and training.

Maverick proudly supports Dylan’s Candy BarN – so much so that Candace Jarkow is now on the board of this charity. Please join Maverick in its effort to support this charity’s mission.

Friends of Dylan's Candy BarN include:

ASPCA | Best Friends | MCSPCA | Humane Society | Project Animal Worldwide | Arf | North Shore Animal League | Barc Shelter | Guide Dogs for the Blind | Frankie's Friends | Tails of Courage | Good Dog Foundation