Mav’s Fab 5- October 2nd, 2012

Places to Pick Up a Date (and) Best Pick-Up Lines
our 5 picks

Whole Foods
Multiple Locations

If you don’t have a whole lot of time, finding love interests in the places you already frequent can be essential.  But once you notice someone, how do you know if they’re single and how do you approach them?  First of all, check out their basket.  If he’s got microwave dinners, beer and protein mix, chances are he’s a bachelor.  If she’s stocking up on diet coke, fruit and fro-yo, all signs point to single.  Next, look for something you both bought or pretend to be looking for something the other person has in their basket.

Try this line: “I’ve definitely bought enough for two, how about I make us dinner?”

Bed Bath & Beyond
Multiple Locations

If someone is shopping at Bed Bath and Beyond, you can deduce a few things right off the bat.  They’re at least somewhat domesticated, they care for their space and they put effort into keeping their life updated and functional.  There’s also a fun feeling of giving your life a face-lift when you’re shopping at BB&B, so why not take it a step further and freshen up your dating life too!

Try this line: “Nice sheets…what’s your thread count?”

Dry Cleaner- Meurice Garment Care
Multiple Locations

There’s nothing quite like a man in a perfectly tailored suit or a woman in a killer little black dress.  Scouting someone who not only knows that, but puts it to use, is never easier than when you are at the dry cleaner.  So keep an eye out the next time you drop off, you never know when you’ll find someone whose style matches yours.

Try this line: “Is that what you’re going to wear on our first date?”

Gym- Equinox
Multiple Locations

This one is just too easy.  He’s sweaty and grunting and she’s probably in spandex.  If you find someone at the gym, chances are they’re healthy and care about staying in good shape. It’s a perfect formula for finding your next Mr. or Ms. Right.

Try this line: “Wow! That look’s really heavy! Would you like a spot?”

Home Depot
Multiple Locations

You’re the girl who can DIY, but when it comes to picking out the best drill, you’re a bit lost.  Even so, your knack for design will make his apartment look better, and his ease carrying loads of lumber will take the stress off of your pumps.  Why not drop the supplies off at home and go for a drink? Just please, don’t drink and operate heavy machinery.

Try this line: “How do you feel about power tools?”

Places to Go On a Date
our 5 picks

The Highline
519 West 23rd Street
New York, New York 10011
(212) 206-9922

Where is the one place you can take in cityscapes and river views, walk blocks without the bustle of traffic, and surround yourself in the native foliage of vintage New York?  That would be the coolest, latest, iconic destination in NYC, The Highline.  So the next time you meet a girl you want to really get to know and impress at the same time, make this your date spot.  And if it goes really well, you can snuggle up on the wooden lounges and watch the sun set.

Bowling at Lucky Strike
624-660 W 42nd Street & 12th
New York, New York 10036
(646) 829-0170

Sometimes the best date is the kind where you can get a little silly and unwind together, which is exactly why we love bowling!  Take a game that most people look straight up funny trying to excel at, and put it in a sleek, club-like environment with great music, snacks and drinks and you’ve got yourself the perfect equation for a great date.  So the next time you’re ready to warm up that arm, head to Lucky Strike on the west side and get reunited with your playful side!

Picnic in Central Park
(212) 310-6600

In NYC the most highly priced, profoundly coveted amenity is space.  So what better gift to give on a first date than room to breathe?  Living in an urban jungle, a park is really the only place you can experience the change of the seasons.  While romantic, it’s also the universal place where everyone gets to be a kid.  So unwind and connect over a basket of snacks or while enjoying a game of Frisbee!

A Yankee Game
1 East 161st Street
Bronx, New York 10451
(718) 292-4300

If you’ve nabbed yourself a fun, sports loving girl, take her to see the Yankees!  An all American past time in a famous New York setting, a Yankee date allows you to keep it casual but not lose that romantic undertone.  So buy that girl a beer and if you catch a ball, offer it to her…if the date goes really well, you can visit it at her place!

A Concert at Webster Hall
125 East 11th St.
New York, New York 10003
(212) 353-1600

So you’ve done the drinks and the dinners and the movies… if you think you’re actually into your new flame, start making some memories!  Find a common music interest and hit up a concert at Webster Hall, a concert venue that on the weekends doubles as a dance club.  You can get swept away together by the music and then parlay the evening into a night of dancing.  And really, any excuse to get close to that new special someone is never a bad thing!


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