Mav’s Fab 5- November 13th, 2012

Trendy & Cheap Sites
our 5 picks

Daily Candy

If trend spotting is just not your forte, it can seem impossible to always keep your look on point. That is, unless, you visit Daily Candy. Daily Candy features the most recent trends in fashion, beauty, entertainment and the culinary world! This website (and its oh-so-helpful emails) will help you throw the hottest parties while looking your chicest at the same time. With holiday season right around the corner, this website could become your best friend.

Urban Daddy

Wherever you are, whatever you’re looking for, Urban Daddy will show you the way. Both a website and a daily e-mail magazine, Urban Daddy is organized by city and contains the latest trends in nightlife, food, style and where you can go to relax. If you are a frequent traveler, Urban Daddy is a great tool to help you make the most of your time anywhere you go.  Alternatively, if you’re more of a homebody, a visit to this site may provide you with the inspiration you need to get out and explore!


We’ve all heard the saying “Beauty is pain.” That may be true sometimes, but we’d rather be told “Beauty is money.” Lifebooker offers its subscribers incredible deals for staying fit and pampering their nails, hair, and much, much more.  Lifebooker has deals in cities all across the US so looking and feeling beautiful has never been easier or cheaper no matter where you may be!


With the holiday season creeping closer, chances are you have a ton of shopping to do. Each day, Hautelook offers different “events” on its website… special sales available only to its subscribers. There are sections for women, men, and even kids, so everyone can look fashionable for low prices! We bet your holiday shopping just got much less stressful!


When we think of Marc Jacobs and Carolina Herrera, we think fabulous duds that require deep pockets. Well, we used to anyway- that was until we discovered GILT! GILT offers access to our favorite designers for some of the lowest prices around. Our favorite part is the variety, which includes everything from sunglasses, to shoes, to denim. There are deals for everyone, which makes GILT a fabulous shopping resource.

Recipe Websites
our 5 picks


Epicurious has an impressive collection of over 10,000 recipes, all of which are organized into categories such as “seasonal,” “quick and easy,” “healthy,” etc.. This site makes it simple to find whatever you may be craving. Epicurious is partnered with culinary legend Bon Appetit and with food royalty like that behind them you can trust these recipes to be a treat for your senses.

Smitten Kitchen

“Fearless cooking from a tiny kitchen in New York City.” That’s how this food blog-turned-recipe website describes itself. Deb, the mastermind behind this culinary arts show, combines cooking, photography, and writing to present the delectable creations that she posts on Smitten Kitchen.  Oh and did we mention that she does all of this out of her own humble 42 square foot kitchen?  She believes that delicious food should be accessible to everyone and incorporates only simple ingredients into her outstanding recipes.  If the site isn’t enough for you, Deb recently released a cookbook!

101 Cookbooks

When faced with the realization that she had collected over a 100 cookbooks and had yet to utilize them, Heidi Swanson decided to not only dive in, but also to share the wealth.  The result, 101 Cookbooks, is a site comprised of the best recipes that she found in those thousands of pages. Organized doesn’t even come close to describing this website.  Choose your search by category, season, ingredient, or region.  Whatever you’re craving, Heidi will hook you up!


Food52 kind of blows our minds.  From features, to recipes, to shopping, to a hotline, this site quite literally will assist you with every step of your cooking process…except maybe doing the dishes.  Need a tried and true recipe? Dive into of the mouth-watering winners of their recipe contests.  Don’t quite have all the tools to complete your chosen dish?  Order it on their site.  Finally get to the kitchen and can’t figure out how to perfectly brown your butter, or execute a sous vide?  Post your plight on their hotline and friends you haven’t met yet will lend you their knowledge.

Chomp Down

Sarah Bode-Clark is sharing her secrets…and you’re gonna want to thank her for it.  A Kansas-bred girl with a NYC edge, Sarah’s dishes fulfill all of those home cooked, comfort food qualities that we crave, while working in elevated, interesting twists that allow you to fall in love with your old favorites all over again.  Always keeping an eye on what’s in season, this food blog constantly has the perfect culinary tool to combat a cold rainy day, or the sweltering summer sun.  Sarah also contributes a food column to

Red Wines for Winter
Our 5 picks

This Italian heavy hitter is created so uniquely that there’s no denying its significance.   After being picked, the grapes are allowed to dry up on straw mats, soaking in the sun and the straw and the heat.  When they are finally pressed, the juice that they produce is so highly concentrated (imagine squishing the liquid out of a raisin) that it results in a big, dense full flavored wine.  Think baking spices, ripe luscious fruit, and as crazy as it sounds, it’s almost like you can taste the sun.  On that cold, slushy, winter day, pour yourself a glass, close your eyes, and let an Amarone whisk you away to a warm Italian villa.
Check out:  04’ Amarone, Punta di Villa, Mazzi

If you’ve never heard of this wine, you’re not alone.  Prior to the 1970’s, it was virtually unknown outside of Spain.  Grown in once volcanic soil, these thick grape vines root deep in the Catalan land, searching for hydration, all the while battling red and black slate, and mica, which literally bakes them from within.  The grapes of Priorat(o) are tough and thick skinned, flourishing in sweltering heat and freezing winds.  And the result of these masochistic warrior grapes?  An aggressive expression of licorice, truffle, espresso, black cherry and mineral. Seriously delicious.
Check out: 07’ Priorat Tinto, Clos Mogador, Spain

If ever there were an OG Mac-Daddy of red wine, it would probably be Barolo.  The most classic expression of the Italian Nebbiolo grape, Barolo is a full-bodied, meaty, serious drinking wine that really clarifies just what is meant by the term “Old-World”.   Not for the faint-of-heart, if a lighter-bodied vino doesn’t wow your taste buds, Barolo may be just what you need to wake up your senses and get excited about some serious grape juice.
Check out: 03’ Barolo, Rocche, Rocche dei Brovia

Pinot Noir
Pinot Noir might be the most under-anticipated of all wines, known for its delicate light-bodied expression. If an athlete represented every wine, Pinot Noir would be a ballerina.  Graceful and complex, beautiful, with surprising expressiveness created by studied, experienced winemakers.  We are particularly crazy about pinots from cool, deciduous climates, where chocolate, dark berries and velvet result and we’re transported immediately to a wine-lovers heaven.
Check out: 07’ Pinot Noir, Evenstad, Domaine Serene, Oregon

Hot Wine
In France they call it Vin Chaud, in Italy its name is Vin Brulé, in Sweden you can order Glogg and in Hungary they’re serious about their Forralt bor.  So what do these names all refer to?  Hot wine!  Sometimes it’s mulled, sometimes is has fruits or spices in it, some cultures beef up its potency with brandy, while others mellow it out with tea, juice, water or honey.  No matter how you prefer it, there are few things that combat a winter chill better than a steaming hot mug of wine.  If you’ve never tried it, you seriously owe yourself a glass soon!
Check out: Rolf’s Bar and Restaurant (the hot wine is amazing and they display one of the largest collections of holiday decorations in the entire nation)

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