Mav’s Fab 5 – October 1, 2013

This month in celebration of the fall weather and the fashion that comes along with it we’re dishing on the Fall 2013 trends that we’re most excited about as well as the second hand vintage stores and little gem shops that we find all our favorite pieces at to make our wardrobe special!

Fall Trends
our 5 picks


Leather is such a versatile material; it’s no surprise it’s a fall trend. From jackets, to dresses, to pants, to boots, to accessories, there’s so many ways to wear it. Not to mention all the different colors! Leather can take an otherwise every day outfit to chic, high-end level and it’s perfect to keep warm in cool temperatures, while still maintaining your style. You really can’t go wrong!


Bold seems to be an underlying theme this fall and jewel tone Emerald oozes confidence, strength and luxury. We love the sophistication that this color exudes and if you’re going for a demure look with a pop, you can still rock the color of the season by incorporating it into your accessories. Think shoes, belts, purses, and jewelry.

Over-the-knee Boots

Every New York girl who stomps the sidewalks each day can tell you that nothing makes us feel empowered like an awesome pair of boots! So obviously, we are thrilled to see this footwear favorite making a statement as a fall trend this year. Over-the-knee boots can be worn by anyone, at any time. Whether you like heels or prefer flats, you can totally rock this trend at work or for a night out on the town.

Winter White

How many of you dislike the ‘No White after Labor Day’ fashion mantra? Well this fall,  all rules can be broken and you can wear as much white as you want! A head-to-toe white ensemble is one of the top trends this season and we’re loving it.  If you’re not ready to go all the way, white elements can be also be added to an ensemble to enhance other colors or patterns.  So the next time you want to reach for white in your closet, we say, go for it!


We were a caught a little off guard when we heard that velvet was in this season. But after taking a look at ways to wear it, we have to admit that we’re feeling a bit adventurous. Velvet dresses and jackets have a high-end Rock and Roll feel that can act as a cruelty free alternative to fur, while providing a similarly plush aesthetic.

Secondhand Vintage Stores
our 5 picks


Located in LA, Decades has become a renowned vintage go-to. You may know them by their Bravo series, called “Dukes of Melrose”. Not only do the owners take their selection of items very seriously by personally choosing their inventory, they also have impeccable taste. Carrying items ranging from the 1920s to present-day, you’ll be sure to find something you love! If you can’t make it to their location on Melrose Ave, you can be sure to snag something great via their website.

The Way We Wore

Doris Raymond is, without a doubt, a vintage fashion pro! All you have to do is visit The Way We Wore (online or in person) to quickly realize this. Focusing on all aspects of 20th century fashion, it’s clear to see why Doris has been said to have encyclopedic fashion knowledge. Being in the industry for 30 years, she has provided costumes for a plethora of movies, including the epic hit Titanic. Don’t be fooled into thinking that her vast knowledge is limited to all things vintage though! Doris and her team also show their talents by making sure that celebrity clients are a hit on the red carpet. Be sure to stop at The Way We Wore next time you want to make sure all eyes are on you!


If you hadn’t heard of Resurrection before, you’ve been missing out! With locations in both LA and NYC, it’s no wonder they’re so popular among the celebs. Resurrection has been featured in ELLE magazine as one of the best vintage stores in America and we couldn’t agree more!


Wasteland is vintage heaven when it comes to west coast grunge. We couldn’t help but feel like a kid in a candy store when we came across them. Don’t worry if grunge isn’t your thing! Their pieces are so versatile that you can put together an outfit of any genre and still look fabulous! Wasteland boasts four locations in California and a very user-friendly site for those of us who aren’t stationed on the West Coast.

Jet Rag
825 N La Brea Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90046
(323) 939-0528

Jet Rag is a vintage landmark on La Brea Ave. Known for a great layout and diverse inventory, you’ll be sure to find something you just won’t be able to leave without. The true icing on the cake is their $1 Sunday Sale. Yes, one dollar! Every Sunday, Jet Rag has a sale in their parking lot, where every item is sold for a dollar. Sure it may feel like you’re Black Friday shopping with the crowd and quick grabs, but after years of great $1 Sunday finds we think it’s totally worth checking out!

Special “Gem” Shops in US
our 5 picks

Moss – Nashville, TN


Every girl’s dream come true when it comes to fashion is to look totally chic but feel equally comfortable too. Moss makes this dream a reality. Not only is their selection incredibly unique; it’s also very comfortable! The owner of the boutique (a Maverick favorite!) is known for her ability to find unique pieces, which makes her selection one you’ll definitely want to check out.  Moss is simply a must stop, every time we’re in Nashville.


Francesca’s – Nationwide


When we first heard of Francesca’s, we thought it was a local shop we ran into in Pennsylvania. But boy were we excited to find out that they have locations in 45 states and an amazing website we can shop at too! They do a great job at appealing to all styles while still making sure their pieces are unique. If “eclectic…clothing, bright baubles, bold accessories, and playful gifts” draw your attention, Francesca’s is your place to go!!!


DoubleDutch Boutique – Baltimore, MD


DoubleDutch is a super fun boutique that mixes between girlie-girl style and art-school hip fashion. The store works with modern and indie designers to give great prices on unique items. On the first Friday of every month they host a First Friday Shoppers’ Social that includes food, drinks, a DJ, and 10% off everything in the store. The store has won multiple awards from the Best of Baltimore since 2006.


No. A – Los Angeles, CA


When No. A opened in 2009, they wanted to give shoppers an experience that combined the best of retail chains and high-end boutiques. Needless to say, this fusion has been a hit! LA locals know to go to No. A when they want pieces that no one else will have. Their inventory is so neat; you may be tempted to keep it a secret just so you can have it all to yourself!


O.N.A. – Brooklyn, NY


O.N.A. has become a neighborhood favorite due to their fun, cozy inventory and great staff. For us busy city girls who can’t live without a great dress, they have a selection of easy to wear pieces in a variety of colors and prints. Their accessories display features cool, funky pieces that compliment any outfit! O.N.A. is also great with customer service. They’ll help you find the perfect piece and totally understand that one size doesn’t always fit all.


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