Mav’s Fab 5 – September 3, 2013

In honor of launching our Wedding Services division, this month we’re devoting our blog to all things nuptial!  From tricks and tips to keep your wedding carbon footprint light, to our favorite ways to capture the moment, to unique twists on classic traditions, we hope that you’ll find something new and creative to incorporate into your special day!

Green Wedding Trends
our 5 picks

Caterers that use locally grown food
The caterer and food chosen for a wedding may be something your guests will talk about for days. So why not give them something great to talk about? By using locally grown food, you’re not just getting a more delicious, fresh meal; you’re also supporting the local community and farmers. We loved Lucid Food ( and their “conscience catering”. Not only do they use ingredients from local farmers’ markets, they also use bio-degradable supplies like napkins, cups, and plates. We’re into that!

Lavender Toss

Sending the newly-wed couple off with a rice toss has been a tradition for as long as some can remember. For a green alternative that won’t hurt the local birds, rice has been getting replaced with dried lavender. Your guests can toss lavender without any worries since it will breakdown naturally, plus you’ll always associate the calming scent with the memory of that moment. Aromatic, biodegradable, and beautiful – what’s not to love about that?!

Prius Limo

Ride in style on your special day without leaving a carbon footprint. Despite being the bigger brother to the original, the Prius limo still gets a fabulous 50 miles per gallon. This environmentally friendly ride seats ten and will get you to the church on time!

Post Wedding Donations

Florals can be essential to making your special day picture perfect, but what happens to them once your day is over isn’t very glamorous. Rather than tossing your arrangement, we suggest donating them to facilities such as, hospitals, senior homes or hospice centers. Other items that can be donated to charities are the bridal gown and bridesmaid dresses. One of our favorite organizations helping in this mission is Brides Against Breast Cancer ( This organization sells donated dresses to raise money to help breast cancer patients with expenses. Now that’s what we call spreading the love.

Bamboo Decor

Bamboo has become a popular item due to its multi-purpose functionality and ability to be recycled. Some of our favorite wedding tricks are to make the bamboo arbor/canopy/chuppah. Then you can decorate it with flowers or other materials that fit with the theme of the wedding. After the wedding you can relocate it to your backyard for decoration or as a lattice for vines in the garden. Another way to incorporate bamboo in to your wedding is by using bamboo paper for your invitations. Now we think bamboo is Eco-chic, all the way!


Unique Twists
our 5 picks

Weddings in the Round

This is far and a way one of our favorite set up choices.  A wedding in the round allows for way less depth in the audience, better sight lines and a feeling of being surrounded by love for the couple saying their vows.  If structured so that “aisles” are at the bride, and grooms backs and in front and behind the officiate, there is literally not a bad seat in the house.  This set up also allows for amazing aerial shots!

Casual Shoes on Men

For the most part, wedding fashion tends to focus mostly around the bride’s dress, but what about the groom? If you’re not having a black tie wedding and your groom is looking for a way to show a bit more of his personality without straying too far away from the traditional suit, we recommend having some fun with his shoe choices.  The most popular casual footwear is the Chuck Taylor, but we’ve seen this expression of individuality go so far as to include stuffed animal panda shoes!  Cowboy boots are another great option for a southern style wedding… we even like these on the bride!

Creative Themed Dessert Bars

Sometimes it seems like the best part a wedding cake is the suspense that the guests experience when waiting to see if the happy couple is going to turn their wedding into a food fight.  After that’s over, there’s often just a whole lot of vanilla sheet cake left.. and let’s be honest, we’ve all had our share of dull wedding cake.  For this reason exactly, we’re loving the trend in themed dessert tables.  From spiral custom cupcake towers, to color coordinated miniature sweets, the need for a giant wedding cake is quickly diminishing.  We advise getting the top layer to cut and keep and incorporating more creative confectionary treats that will surprise and delight your guests!

Something Blue

The old adage states that every bride needs “Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue”.  In a world of white and lace, that final requirement gives every bride the opportunity to really do something fun with a pop of color.  Adding blue ribbon or florals to the bridal bouquet is an easy way to go, but we also love using blue to add a bit of flare to a beautiful bride.  Some of our favorite ideas include Robbins egg blue pumps, a blue garter, pretty blue wedding panties, or a blue pearl barrette in your hair.  If you’re digging the shoe idea, but are also torn to keep your accessories white, why not split the difference and have the bottom of your shoes painted blue?  We think it would make for some seriously cute pictures!

Fun Ways to Capture the Moment
our 5 picks

“I Do” Sound Wave Art

This idea takes capturing the moment to a new level and allows your moment of commitment to become a piece of art that lives with you each day.  This is how it’s done…An artist takes the recording of your vows (“I do” and “I do”) and then paints the exact tonality of your pitches when saying those words, onto a canvas.  You can chose to share with people what the staccato painting represents or just let houseguests assume it’s modern art.  We think it’s a creative way to have a romantic reminder of your vows on a daily basis – and decorate your home at the same time! Check out Bespoken Art for more information.

Rock Notes for Home Décor

Another way to turn your wedding memories into home décor, this idea is a play on the traditional sign in book or message book.  Rather than a book to write in, guest can pick a stone (you will want to make sure they’re a few inches across and have a somewhat flat surface) and then write their well-wishes with a sharpie.  After the wedding you can collect the stones and keep them in a glass cylinder or scattered across a table with a glass top – allowing them to be read in full or just at a glance.

Table Number Message Books

This creative way to combine table numbers and message books can become a tradition for the couple for years to come.  Rather than getting cards with numbers on them to denote which table is which, you can get small journals and number the covered.  Place the books on mini-stands so that guests may find their seats and then have the emcee explain that the books are meant to be written in by everyone at that table.  After the wedding, put the books away and each year on your anniversary, open the correlating table number and read the messages that your loved ones wrote for you on the day of your wedding.  This tradition could keep you in literature for decades to come!

Luggage Tags for Destination Weddings

Giveaway’s at weddings are a tricky detail to plan.  There is room to be kitchy and fun but at the same time you don’t want to spend money to send your guests home with knick knacks that they’re going to immediately throw out.  We love the trend in seedlings and charity donations in guests honor but if you’re having a destination wedding, why not continue on with that theme in mind?  We recommend getting custom luggage tags for your guests.  A custom created luggage tag made of leather or a sustainable fabric with either the date or a quote on the back is a way to give your guests a functional gift that ties in your wedding and doesn’t get too cheesy.  We’re into it.

Slow Motion Video Capture

We were planning on writing about our love of prop-filled photo booths that allow guests of any age to get silly and express themselves.  That was until we found this video ( by Super Frog Saved Tokoyo and had our minds blown.  Imagine all of the best parts of a photo booth, but in motion and then slowed down for your entertainment.  Their props are incredible and really enhance the slow-mo effects.  We’re particularly obsessed with the glitter, confetti and the bubbles.  Do yourself a favor and check them out at

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